I spend the majority of my time these days speaking to, and working with, high achieving professionals and individuals. I spend the rest of my time interviewing and researching the common traits of high performers from across North America, including Grammy Winners, Television Personalities, Award Winning Comedians, Award Winning Business Leaders, Elite Athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, and more.

To perform at the highest level on a consistent basis, one has to be in optimal health, or very close. I was just reading the latest issue of O’ Magazine in fact and in her closing column, Oprah noted that nothing she does can be phoned in and that she has to bring 100 percent at all times. Doing so at such a high performance level isn’t very easy, if at all possible, without optimal health.

The question then becomes, how does one reach such a state of wellness?

Well, I’m no expert on health and wellness BUT after interviewing 2000 high achievers, and after working with Fortune 500 CEO’s, Business Leaders, and Leaders from all walks of life, as both a Speaker and a Trainer, I have learned a thing or two about how High Achievers maintain their energy level, stamina, experience less illness, call in sick less often, finds ways to bring authentic smiles to their faces more often, and in essence maintain optimal health despite having schedules that make most people shiver.

It also so happens to have something to do with the most common trait I have discovered when speaking to these same high achievers.

That common trait, and the secret to better health and wellness?


Regular exercise and eating is vitally important but the people who seem to be able to work longer, smile more often, and arrive ready for life have a lot of passion in their lives.

They know their purpose. They awake up each day excited for what the world intends to bring.

They avoid the negative thoughts shared by less passionate people. As a result, they feel like they are never “really working” and therefore they seldom suffer the same ailments less passionate, and less positive, people often suffer.

This is perhaps why books like Think and Grow Rich and The Power of Positive Thinking have impacted so many lives, in such a big way.

So how do you improve your health with little to no cost? Find your passion, ignite it, and maintain it.

Speaking from experience and from my time with so many fulfilled people, I can tell you the rewards will be priceless, and even though it may not be easy to find your passion, once you do, your efforts will be worth as much money as you will ever earn.

That’s a big claim, but my research backs it up time and again.

In my next article, I’ll provide you with strategies for finding your passion sooner or keeping the flame lit of you have already found your passion.

Until then, here’s to your greater health…

Corey Poirier is a Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Newspaper Publisher. He spends the majority of his time sharing the insights he has gained by interviewing 2000 high achieving North Americans with his corporate and non-profit clients in a speaking and training capacity, and in November 2012 he will be launching his first radio show, Conversations With. You can learn more about bringing Corey in to work with your company, or subscribe to his free monthly newsletter at www.coreypoirier.com

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