According to researchers who call it the forefront of Information Medicine, Reconnective Healing is a form of energy that conveys corrective information to the body and mind.

Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller says “When information carried through these frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence and order within the field and the body itself.” The result: dramatic reports of regeneration instead of degeneration and account after account of apparently unexplainable, often instantaneous and life-long healings.

And a new book Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, just out from one of the world’s leading university scientists specializing in bioenergetic research, Dr. Kontantin Korotkov chronicles his many studies that show that this form of Reconnective Healing is real.

The discoverer of Reconnective Healing, Dr. Eric Pearl is an international leading authority on transforming healing globally, and he has taught more than 70,000 people how to become the catalysts for healing.

“Reconnective Healing is based on a spectrum of healing composed of energy, light and information,” explains Pearl. “Anyone can learn to access these energies once you interact with them. Reconnective Healing is not something we do. It’s something we allow and help facilitate. It works by itself, as well as greatly expands the results of the modalities that today’s healing and healthcare practitioners are already using.”

The reality of its existence has been demonstrated clearly in practice, as well as in scientific research laboratories. Dr. Pearl and The Reconnection team have been working with scientists around the world to understand why such recoveries are occurring:

• The University of Arizona’s Human Energy Systems Laboratory, under Gary Schwartz, PhD, has performed six major controlled experiments that have substantiated the electromagnetic transference in The Reconnection.

• William A. Tiller, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University was able to gauge a huge energy upsurge in The Reconnection workshop rooms.

• Glen Rein, PhD, Director of Quantum Biology Research Labs in NY, demonstrated that when Reconnective Healing is applied to DNA, the DNA’s defects are corrected as it is healed.

• Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture in Russia, has demonstrated significant improvement in athlete’s peak performance once exposed to the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

• And there are many more studies by internationally prominent researchers demonstrating the reproducible effects of Reconnective Healing.

In a Reconnective Healing session, the practitioner accesses this spectrum of healing frequencies and works with them, tending to start, at face value, with his or her hands. Then, generally, from a distance of one to several feet or further, continues to feel these frequencies that surround the recipient – the patient or client. The practitioners often walk around their clients, varying their distance and playing with the sensations in their hands, as they observe the visibly clear and distinct physical effects it has on the recipient, until the session is complete.

People who receive a Reconnective Healing usually find their eyes flutter uncontrollably, eyes rapidly dart from side to side, and fingers and/or feet twitch during the session, with other readily observable physical responses — all involuntary — often outside their conscious awareness and outside of their ability to consciously control.

One of the most exciting benefits for the Reconnective healing practitioner is that oftentimes he or she finds that the healing frequencies correct, balance and heal not only the person on the table, but also heals the practitioner in the process.

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