RockTape is more than just a tape company. We are a movement company. RockTape helps athletes of every level go stronger longer with the best kinesiology tape, mobility tools and education. We are here to help athletes move more, and move better. From elite athletes to those just playing the sport of life, RockTape is here to help you prepare, perform and recover.

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. RockTape applications last up to 7 days and withstand water and sweat. RockTape suitable for those with sensitive skin; every roll is Zinc and Latex-free. The 97% cotton, 3% nylon formula allows for 180% stretch and full range of motion.

RockTape is available in three levels of adhesion and is stronger, stickier and stretchier than the competition. Gentle RockTape is ideal for those with sensitive skin, kids, pregnant women and the elderly. Standard RockTape is the perfect all-around tape. Our H20, is even stickier to meet the demands of top athletes, water sports, athletes who sweat a lot and austere environments.

For more about RockTape, visit us on our RockTape Youtube channel.

RockTape Kinesiology tape instructions

RockTape RockFloss instructions

RockTape kinesiology tape, RockTape tools and the help of a medical professional can allow athletes of all levels to prepare, perform and recover. Our tools such as RockBlades, RockFloss and RockPods are used to treat patients efficiently and effectively by over 50 000 medical professionals worldwide.

Find a RockTape medical professional near you to benefit from RockTape kinesiology taping and all of the RockTape tools or start taping yourself today!

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