I met Sam Graci, formulator of “greens+” superfood, and his wife Marie Josee at the Westin Hotel in Halifax, NS. The guy is over 60 and radiates energy and the joy of life. He has rubbed elbows with Vitamin C researcher Linus Pauling in California and is a modern pioneer in nutrition, advocating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and developing many food-based supplements.

Graci grew up relatively poor in Hamilton, Ont. His parents owned a fruit and vegetable store and the kids had to work. But they had a healthy diet and no money for junk food. He was a long distance runner in high school.

Working with at-risk youth early in his career, he realized they all had terrible diets. As he began to feed them fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods, he saw their moods and social skills improve, along with their general level of vitality. This sparked a lifelong mission to improve the nutrition and eating habits of Canadians.

Graci has long understood the link between mind and body. “North Americans are running low on serotonin,” the neurotransmitter that helps us feel good, he wrote in his book The Path to Phenomenal Health.

“Until 1945, we died from things that invaded our bodies, such as infections,” he said. “Today we die from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We have weakened our body chemistry by reducing sleep, living with too much stress, and eating poor diets. We have too many calories, too much processed food full of sugar and salt, and too few nutrients. We are adapting to the wrong things and defying our evolutionary biology.”

Today Sam is on a campaign to get us back to the healthy lifestyles of four forbears.

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