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Making the most of seasonal self-care

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The days are getting shorter, the summer heat is cooling off: fall is coming! For many of us, fall is associated with new routines and plans being put into action. What better time to commit to a self-care routine? 

What is “self-care”?

Self-care is any activity we do to support our happiness, wellness, and health. We simply cannot function on empty. Regular practice helps us stay grounded during life’s inevitable ups and downs. 

A self-care routine

Self-care is an individual practice. Finding out what works for you will take some discovery. For one person, self-care might mean attending a yoga class once a week and schedule in time for journaling each night before bed.

I recommend starting a list of activities you love doing most. These activities should make you feel centred, happy, or contribute to your sense of wellness. Creative arts, spending time in nature, and exercising are all examples of self-care activities. 

A consistent practice

After you know how to take care of yourself, it is important to schedule your self-care activities into your life. It is not enough to practice self-care once in a while; it must be practiced often, and regularly. Remember: this is a special time you have set aside for yourself. Only you can give or take away your self-care practice; no one else can. 

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Author: Jessica Clerke is the digital editor for HUM@Nmedia, the parent brand for Optimyz Magazine. She is also a writer nd is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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