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Are you tired of going on the treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym? And are you dying to get toned arms, abs and legs? Now, shimmy and shake to lose the weight with personal trainer Nancy Di Nino and learn how to dance salsa! Learn the salsa moves below to get fit and have fun! For an extra boost, try the moves with a partner.

Basic salsa step front and back
Start to shape and tone while raising your heart rate learning the basic salsa step.

Basic salsa full turn
Once you get the hang of the basic salsa step, add a turn.

Basic side step with arm extension
Learn how to tone those inner and outer thighs with the salsa basic side step.

“Suzie Q” crossover floor shine
Strengthen your abdominals, back and thighs with this fun move.

Shimmy and shake
Raise your heart rate by learning how to shimmy and shake to work your upper body.

Salsa-fit exercise routine
Learn how to stay fit: shimmy and shake with Nancy and Oscar!

Interested in more?

For more details on the benefits of the salsa-fit method along with the full workout including a warm up, pick up a copy of OptiMYz’s Vol. 10 No. 5 issue—on stands from Nov 20th 2017 – Jan 31 2018.

Find Nancy online:
Facebook: @nancydinino
Instagram: @nancydinino

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