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How to choose the right mattress

Often doctors are asked, what is the best mattress for promoting good health? They often tell in general a firmer mattress seems to be better for most people. But in reality, the best mattress is the one that caters to your unique individual requirements. You must always test drive a mattress before buying it. It is always a good idea to replace an old mattress with a new one that gives you support and utmost comfort. Different types of back conditions would be necessitating a different kind of mattress and sleep position.

Osteoporosis can be pretty painful. You must sleep sideways and your knees must be curled up for utmost comfort. You must sleep on a slightly firmer mattress for relieving corresponding pressure. Alternatively, you can sleep on an adjustable bed or a reclining chair. When on an adjustable bed, your head and knees are elevated and the pressure from all the facet joints seem to be relieved.

Degenerative disc disease
It is best to sleep on your stomach as this position is most effective in relieving pressure on your disc space. Patients suffering from degenerative disc disease would feel comfortable sleeping on a relatively firmer mattress and must place a flat pillow right under their belly and hips. This would be opening up your disc space and reducing stress and pressure on your lower back. You need to be extra careful while choosing a mattress for back pain. Consult your doctor and talk to a mattress expert.

Bursitis could be intensified by pressure from an extremely firm mattress. If your mattress seems to be really firm, you may opt for a new mattress that has a super-thick padding on its top also known as pillow-top-mattress. This could considerably reduce pressure on your hip.

Herniated lumbar disc
Herniated discs are supposed to be extremely painful. When the spinal disc center ruptures, there is unbearable pain and immeasurable discomfort. A herniated lumbar disc is a condition that radiates immense pain in the entire body but particularly, in your lower back which could be crippling. Your mattress must support your lower back effectively. It must not be excessively firm. It must be soft enough to effectively contour to the hips. If the mattress is not able to support the lower back, it may end up causing exaggerated curvature. It is, therefore, essential to identify a mattress that could give you ample support and is capable of maintaining a really straight and a stress-free spinal column. The mattress construction must ensure a superb balance of cushion and support.

If you change your mattress, it can be quite beneficial for any back issues you may have. You may also consider including a light exercise or short stretching regimen every day. Try a few stretches before going to bed at night and just after waking up in the morning. This would be promoting spine flexibility and can ease back pain. Choose the right mattress for you to help keep pain at bay.

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