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Surviving social media during the holidays

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Before we know it holidays like Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and New Years Eve will be gone and we’ll be striving to live up to our new years resolutions.

Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

In the meantime, there’s all those work parties, gatherings of friends and families and other events. It can also be a difficult time for many with break-ups, divorces and the passing of friends and loved ones during the year. Social media will be a part of it all, and can make anxiety or depression worse. So what’s the best way to survive it all and make the best of the holidays?

Here’s our 5 tips to using social media over the holidays

Tip 1: Being mindful

Being present in the moment you are in and aware of how you are feeling and what’s going on around you. Being mindful can set the tone for how you decide to engage on social media, from Facebook to Instagram to Snap. 

Tip 2: Put social pressures into perspective

You might see a great picture of a family in ugly Christmas sweaters on Instagram and they’re all smiling. That can make us feel less adequate or increase anxiety. So step back and see the image for what it is and remember, the parents may have just had a big squabble before they took that picture. There’s no rules for what or when you have to post. Put it all into perspective and decide what makes you feel best.

Tip 3: Tune into your emotions

Like being mindful, also be aware of your emotions at any given time. We all have good and bad days. Check in with your emotions and if you’re not having a great day, don’t feel a need to post on social media.

Tip 4: Make time to connect in real life

When you’re at a party, be with friends, family or work, be in the moment and be present. Forget that sudden urge to take a picture and post it. Leave the phone down or in your purse or coat. Just “be” in that moment of fun and with the people you care about. That memory will last forever.

Tip 5: Make a self-care plan
As the parties and events approach, make a self-care plan around social media. Think about how you really want to connect with others around you and recognize that social media doesn’t make life better, you do.

Remember, there’s no rules that you have to post every day. If that’s what you like to do and you enjoy that connection, that’s okay too. There can be a lot of social pressure at this time of year. You can just be you. After all, that’s who your family and friends truly love and like.

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Author: Giles Crouch is group publisher with Optimyz and a prolific writer on the intersection of humans and technology and especially social media. He writes on Medium regularly and has been interviewed by CBC The National and CTV News rather a lot as well as other media channels.


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