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From what we eat to how we exercise, bringing ingenuity to the table not only makes life more enjoyable, but also enhances our chances of achieving our goals. Here’s how you can do it.

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Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

When you hear the word “creativity,” what comes to your mind? I think of young children, painters, dancers, and spoken-word masters. But this perspective is limiting in so many ways, because the truth is, creativity is one of the most import- ant characteristics of being human. It’s one of the main traits that makes us successful as individuals and as a species, and we all have it—whether we see it or not. The question is, why is it so important and how do we cultivate it in our day to day life?

Creativity makes life infinitely more interesting and fulfilling. We often think about creativity as making something, when in fact, it’s far more about living life in a way that celebrates originality and uniqueness. It’s also about finding ways around obstacles by seeing them as opportunities instead of roadblocks and approaching them from all angles for better problem-solving.

Engaging in the creative process is also a great confidence builder because we discover that failure is part of the process. By seeing that failure is survivable, we’re better able to release fear and try new things without worrying so much about the outcome.

Creativity isn’t something that is just about music and art and dance. In fact, it’s a crucial skill for anyone in any field, and one of the easiest ways for us to practice creativity is to shift how we approach our “health and wellness” journeys.

From what we eat to how we exercise, bringing creativity into the mix can not only make life more enjoyable, but can also greatly enhance our chances of achieving our goals. Why? Because as you know, any kind of “get fit” journey is not linear, but rather full of speed bumps and detours, and in order to succeed we must be able to creatively troubleshoot along the way.

From a nutrition perspective, being creative with your meals is key, because let’s face it, who can happily stick to a regime that consists of bland chicken breast and leafy greens? Nobody! When you choose to break the mould and bring a variety of flavours and textures to your meals on a weekly basis, there’s a far greater chance that you’ll stay on track and enjoy it!

I’m not saying that every meal needs to be exciting, but even experimenting with a few new recipes a month can do wonders to break the monotony of conventional healthy eating. If “experimenting” feels like a bit of a stretch for you, then maybe start by finding a few new recipes online that you’re willing to test out. Have fun with it!

When it comes to fitness, shaking things up with a little creativity can go a long way. How many of you find yourself doing the same fitness routine over and over again these days? I get it, it can be easy to stick with what you know because it feels safe and predictable. But, if you’re anything like me, when something gets boring and redundant, it’s just a matter of time before you throw in the towel.

By bringing creativity to your fitness regime, you can not only keep things fun and interesting, but you can also ensure that your body is getting stronger. If you’re used to using weights, consider trying resistance bands or the TRX. If you usually focus on cardio, consider trying interval training or strength training. Sometimes one of the easiest ways to find creative inspiration is to try a bunch of different fitness classes or get a workout buddy you can exchange ideas with.

Remember, creativity doesn’t have to feel like a huge undertaking. Challenge yourself to spend a little time every week breaking out of your usual routine and I bet you’ll find that your creative flare slowly spreads into all aspects of your life.

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Author: Sonia Jhas is an award-winning health and fitness expert. She is a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, speaker and media expert, and is also an ambassador for the Canadian Mental Health Association. She is a regular contributor to OptiMYz Magazine.


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