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According to Dr. Emily Wiggin, golf, hockey and tennis all have an important commonality—they are all rotational sports.

When a professional athlete “hits a wall” for the technique of their game, and are just not capable of achieving that particular range of motion, a chiropractor certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the person to see.

“I do a TPI screen—a 14-part physical testing protocol that identifies any limitation that I can then work on with them,” says Dr. Wiggin. Through exercise programs, manual therapy adjustments and other physical therapy, she works with them towards getting that particular motion. “It’s a relationship between me and the golfing professional, or the hockey or tennis coach, to move that player beyond the plateau so that they hit in their stride.”

“It’s not just elite levels who get screened—this can benefit anyone who plays a rotational sport,” she says. Not only will it help improve their game, but it can identify potential areas of injury. Then, modifications to technique and the incorporation of exercise regimes can help to preventing injury.

“I’ve worked with a lot of people increasing their lower body stability so that they don’t feel back pain, which is a common complaint,” she says.

Dr. Emily Wiggin is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute in California. A chiropractor at Kinesis Health in Dartmouth NS, she is currently the only TPI certified medical professional in the province.

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