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Used by athletes, fitness instructors and rehab professionals, the portable Halo® Trainer Plus is one of the most versatile and dynamic pieces of exercise equipment available.

Ideal for exercisers of all levels and abilities, it provides numerous ways to progress or regress the difficulty level of a workout.

Incorporate it into core-integrated bodyweight training, agility and flexibility work, HIIT, total body conditioning or post-rehab to challenge muscular strength and endurance, proprioception and stabilization.

Three ways to use the Halo Trainer Plus:

For outdoor workouts – With its easy-click connectors, quickly disassemble the Halo Trainer Plus and bring it with you wherever you go. Take it to the park to spice up your agility training drills.

For post-rehab and injury prevention – With its ergonomic design and comfortable rubber grips, the Halo Trainer Plus encourages optimal wrist alignment and positioning. It can also be used in therapeutic or post-rehab settings to regress exercises, making them safer and more accessible to special populations.

For HIIT – Use the Halo Trainer Plus alone or pair it with the Stability Ball™ to build explosive power, strength and cardiovascular capacity. Incorporate these tools into timed and repetition-based intervals to increase the intensity of your workout.

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