From time to time, Optimyz Magazine (Optimyz) through its parent brand HUM@Nmedia (HMI), may operate contests. These contests may vary in terms of duration, price offerings and entry requirements.

Optimyz Magazine Contest Terms and Conditions

  1. Optimyz and/or its parent company HMI, reserves the right to change contest durations, entry requirements or final prizes at any time.
  2. All contests are for CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. Entries from outside Canada will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Contests and special offers including subscription offers, may be cancelled at any time.
  4. Neither Optimyz now HMI are liable for the quality or performance of third-party prizes and makes no guarantee or warranty as to performance, functionality or any other claim in whole or in part of a third-party prize.
  5. No employee, contractor, family members of employees or contractors, management or shareholders of HMI or Optimyz are eligible for contests or subscription offers.
  6. All prizes are final and there will be NO cash substitutes and no refunds.
  7. All contests are void in the province of Quebec and no contest is open to residents of Quebec unless specially noted.
  8. A skill testing question may be required when dictated by law, such as random draws.
  9. All contests are limited to one person per household per contest, unless otherwise stated.
  10. Contests are void where prohibited by law.
  11. No employee, contractor, officer, director or shareholder of HMI or Optimyz are liable in any way for the results of contests.
  12. No purchase is necessary for contests. To enter without purchase, please send a letter stating why you think you should be the winner of a contest and why Optimyz Magazine inspires you. Send the letter to the Optimyz/HMI offices listed on our contact page here.
  13. Optimyz and/or HMI reserves the right to publish contest winners names through online channels, including social media and/or in its print publication.
  14. Contest entrants personal information will only be held for the duration of the contest, after which time it will be deleted permanently. Unless you have opted in to receive additional communications from us, we will not keep your information. At no time do we keep entrant information after a contest unless authorized and we do NOT sell personal information to any third-party.
  15. Optimyz and/or HMI reserves the right to confirm Canadian residency status for prizes.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at: