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How yoga can help in finding the inner you.

The third eye chakra is located right at the brow point between our eyes. This is the place of our intuition and our personal truth. When in balance, we have clarity of mind, can easily make decisions, and trust that we are on the right path. Living our truth is the ability to look within and not only at what is in front of us.

In many ancient cultures, the power of the third eye has been revered for its ability to see what others can’t—the objective eye, the true witness. The demon of this chakra is illusion (Anodea Judith)—living in a dream world or living a lie. The very thing we get caught up in all the time when scrolling through social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

When everything becomes silent and still, we find our third eye chakra. It is a chakra often out of balance as it relies on the rest of the system below it to be in balance. However, by focussing specifically on this chakra we can also help to align our subtle body, increasing vitality and the overall feeling of peace within.

The very best way to practice this is through a calm and steady yoga practice and most importantly meditation. We have to slow down. The more we fill our minds, and add to our to-do lists and calendars the further we take ourselves from this space of truth and intuition. When we are busy doing all the things we need to do, we lose touch with who we are and what we really need.

You may have heard the saying, “We’ve become human doings, no longer human beings,” which feels more true now than ever before. Our eyes focussing instead on all the things in front of us that we want. A new pair of shoes over a really big hug, filling up the famous Starbucks cup over a short power nap. There isn’t a quick fix for a balanced sixth chakra, this will only come with a dedicated daily practice. We have to do the work to get there.

How can we draw upon this super power? Essentially two ways: aligning all our chakras below, and then (though this is also a product of balancing our chakras) quieting our mind. So, you can dig through your past collection ofOptiMYz articles that talked about each chakra individually, or in simplest forms practice the following:

Grounding and feeling safe: Root chakra

Being creative: Sacral chakra

Finding inner strength: Solar plexus


Gratitude: Heart chakra

Speaking our truth: Throat chakra

Look within yourself

Practice meditation. Find space everyday (preferably at the same time) where you can sit and just be. Set your alarm or use one of the many meditation apps available.

Listen to relaxing or an inspiring piece of music or mantra. Listen to your breath. Every time you catch yourself outside of the present moment, which will happen often, come back to your breath. Soften your eyes. Perhaps move into child’s pose and rest your forehead on a block or bolster. Be quiet, be still and find you. The most amazing discovery of all.

Namaste: which means, the light in me sees and honours that same light in you.

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Author: Lisa Greenbaum holds E-RYT 500 and YACEP.
A certified Yoga Therapist, she won the 2018 Delegates Choice, Canadian Presenter of the Year at the World Fitness expo. She has a passion for fitness, yoga and movement of all types. A Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit with over 750 hours of YTT education, she is an avid writer and traveler. She leads workshops and retreats around the world and currently teaches group fitness and Yoga in Toronto.
Lisa is a regular contributor to Optimyz.


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