In early October I went swimming in a nearby lake. The water was cool but the sun was out and the air was warm. It was swimmable–an adventure. I doubt I had ever swum in Nova Scotia in October before. Now it is late October and I had my kayak out yeserday. The sky was grey and there was a breeze but the air was still warm, though my feet got cold stepping into the shallow water.

The foliage was in its glory. The biggest change from a few weeks ago is the birds: the three pairs of ospreys have left, as has  the pair of loons that have beening coming to this lake for years. The ducks are still splashing around. On my last outing the cormorants weren’t in sight. Lots of crows and ravens entertaining themselves, a few blue jays. It is still glorious with the odd day in the mid teens.

Enjoy it, as the wet winds of November are coming. Be outside during this last gasp of the warm weather. Nature is still strutting her stuff. Late fall and winter are great, in their own way, but I will be indoors more.

See you at the gym. 

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