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The Lunenburg waterfront has been home to the Nova Scotia Sea School for over fifteen years and starting July 5th it will be the starting point of week-long adventures for teenagers nation-wide.

“I’ve always found that sea school programs cultivate an excellent group dynamic,” says a young sailor who has been participating in sea school programs since 2009, “a dynamic where people are less afraid of making mistakes in front of others, less hesitant to voice their opinions and feelings.”

The Nova Scotia Sea School’s mission is to combine the Maritime tradition of the sea with strong personal development, leadership and survival skills. However, the not-for-profit organization goes beyond boats.

Priding itself in summer programs, the Nova Scotia Sea School offers five and seven day expeditions throughout the months of July and August for youth ages 14 to 18. Each expedition takes place on a thirty foot boat, Elizabeth Hall, which was built by teenagers in the sea school’s boat building program. The boat is a temporary home where 11 students live for their entire adventure. By creating their own boundaries on the container ▬boat▬ students are forced by natural experiences to work as a team.

These awesome community development opportunities are available throughout the year. The Nova Scotia Sea School offers wilderness expeditions and skill-building workshops in the winter where students make sea chests, boats and/or surfboards. These are annual programs that contribute to the Sea School’s focus of year-round learning. All programs enhance manual skills, survival skills and contribute to youth’s personal development.

Get involved today! To learn more about the Nova Scotia Sea School visit or email Nova Scotia Sea School is growing daily. With participation on the rise, the Nova Scotia Sea School looks forward to its sailing future.

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