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The perfectionism-procrastination cycle

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Most of us are already aware of how procrastination affects our work, whether on the job, or simply letting the dishes pile up. When stressed, we may turn to unhealthy options including drugs, alcohol and avoidance, which are linked to procrastination.

For a perfectionist, this creates a damaging cycle. Stressing about work quality leads to procrastinating in order to attain a certain level of perceived perfection. This delay can cause a further increase in stress as deadlines draw near and the time required to achieve perfection becomes limited.

While it’s fine to strive for the best results, remember that perfection is not possible. Try to break free of the push for perfection by scheduling your time so you can focus on work without distraction. Don’t wait for optimal conditions to begin working. Believe that you can find all the needed items as they are required.



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