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Your thoughts control your destiny much more than most of us know. What are you thinking?

YOU buy a new car. As you are leaving the dealer’s lot and for weeks after, the Universe has somehow played a mean trick and made replicas of your fabulous car. You see them everywhere.

There is a video of a group of people challenged to see how many times they can pass a white ball in a limited time. You watch and count carefully. Most folks miss at least one. Then they tell you there was a person in a black bear outfit in the midst of the group, dancing and waving. “No”, you say. Play it again, and wow there is the bear.

The point is: What you notice is determined by where you are headed, by your goals and desires. So what are your goals? And how do you get there?

Someone asked a guy, “How did you do it—stay married for 40 years?” The answer was, “I decided to.” Louise Hay beat cancer without surgery or drugs. Then, on top of that, she started a thriving publishing and conference company. Some people are just sunny and happy and successful, while others are surly for, and receive as I have asked.” So how come my chauffeur isn’t honking the horn?

I am learning that there is something fundamental about the LOA in terms of “What am I looking for?” Louise Hay was 100% certain about her return to full health and did not waver—not for a heartbeat. She could feel it. If a person’s overriding value is that they want to stay married, well, that makes a difference.

The key issue is doubt. Doubt about what the Law of Attraction is and how it works denies us the use of it.

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that the LOA works. We need to bring our awareness, our consciousness and our beliefs into alignment so that what we want can flow in just one direction— towards us. Ask Louise. The bad news is that the LOA is always working. This means that every thought, every belief, is attracting, all of the time. What are you thinking right now? Get ready.

It may not be instant but it is irrefutable that the aggregate of my thoughts is my destination. And if my thoughts are “this does not work,” or sometimes I am thinking “yes” and sometimes thinking “no,” well…

Finally, what if that which I desire is sitting outside the door but I don’t believe I deserve it? That door is unable to open. Willingness to believe I deserve what I say I desire is most often the missing and essential ingredient. Asking for 100.5 FM and then tuning to 98.6 won’t work.

Be careful what you ask for. One thing about people who seem to have it all is that they just expect it to be that way, and so it is. You?

As with the Law of Gravity, we do not have the option to opt out of the Law of Attraction. What we believe we deserve is what we seem to have. Check it out. 

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Author: Joseph Seiler, MCC, is a success coach who helps people to be clear about what they want and to then go get it. 


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