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The seven statutes of seduction

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Seduction can be the most alluring and the most challenging part of sex. Here’s a fool proof guide for how to initiative sex and seduce effectively.

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1.Build anticipation

Anticipation is not the precursor to pleasure; anticipation is pleasure. If you go straight for the goods, you will both miss out on this important stage of pleasure. Take the time to allude to all the ways you want to touch them with your words, body language, and teasing touch. This builds sexual energy and desire that will build into a more climactic response. 

Research suggests that dopamine, a chemical associated with reward, pleasure, and motivation, is released as soon as we begin to anticipate a reward—not just when we receive it. This is why planning a vacation is often more exciting and pleasurable than the trip itself and why dopamine levels can rise dramatically when we dream of future plans.

2.Show curiosity

Seduction involves piquing the curiosity of your lover(s), and one of the best ways to do this is to let them know that you want to know more about them. Ask them what they want. Really listen as though it’s the first time you are learning about sexual seduction and pleasure—especially if you feel you already know them. Prioritize their feedback over anything you can learn from a book or previous lovers. 

Just as the most likeable people are those who show interest in others by asking them about their lives and experiences, the most desired lovers derive pleasure from learning about others for the sake of discovery – not performance. 

When you ask your lover for guidance and feedback, embrace the process of learning and gaining insights into their sexual fingerprint as opposed to trying to convert the information into a specific technique you can use right away. 

When you make the love of learning a part of your sex play, the pleasure and discovery can last a lifetime. 

3.Let less be more

Seduction is a slow process that you can curate to suit your own needs, so take your time and allow your words, touch, and actions to flow freely. 

You can always use new strategies and techniques, but don’t get hung up on implementing them perfectly or utilizing them all at once. A gentle brush of the thigh in the morning can go just as far as creating a complex erotic lair that requires thirty minutes of setup. 

Do what works for you. You do not want sex to become a chore or another item you have to check off your task list. 

4.Be present and mindful

You are more attractive when you are in the moment and focused on the interaction at hand. When you are mindful of your lover(s), the environment, your own body, and all of the associated sensations, pleasure skyrockets. 

Presence simply refers to being in the moment—not in the past and not in the future, but right here, right now. When you are present, you are not worried about what is happening in the next room. You are not concerned about how you look. You are not concerned about your technique. You are not wondering what other people are thinking. When you are present, you show up for your partner(s), and they feel valued, prioritized, and desired. 

Being mindful involves being present in the moment without judgment. You might be comfortable or uncomfortable at any given moment, but that doesn’t make it good or bad. It just is. 

We spend a good degree of our lives moving through the world mindlessly, but we do not want mindless relationships or mindless sex. Mindful connections and mindful sex are associated with heightened desire, lower performance anxiety, and enhanced sexual response – all of which create the potential for more intense pleasure. 

5.Don’t take everything personally

Sometimes, it’s not about you. 

Be humble and gracious in your understanding of your lover(s) and accept that if they do not respond to your advances, it may have nothing to do with you. They are not required to offer an explanation that satisfies your needs. 

If you take things personally, you are less likely to put yourself out there and may avoid initiating seduction altogether. Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings and accept that you can only adjust your own behaviour—not your partner’s. 

The best lovers communicate their desires, feelings, and boundaries. But this does not mean that you are entitled to know everything about your partner. Some mystery will always remain, and this can be both frustrating and exciting—tap into the latter instead of focusing on the former, and you will be a better seducer, lover, and partner. 

6.Embrace rejection so that you can expand your comfort zone and take risks

Let’s face it: we are all afraid of being rejected. But those who look at the possibility of rejection as a challenge rather than a deterrent make the best lovers. 

Rejection is part of life, love, and sex, and it can be painful. Your brain’s response to social pain like rejection is similar to its response to physical pain. This physical brain response is so strong that one study found that taking acetaminophen prior to recalling an emotionally painful experience can reduce the emotional pain*. Rejection can wreak havoc on your mood, health habits, self-esteem, and even cognitive functioning. 

However, learning to manage rejection makes for more fulfilling relationships than trying to avoid rejection altogether. If you only do things that you are immediately comfortable with, you are less likely to grow and experience fulfillment. 

If you learn to manage rejection, you are more likely to take risks and expand your comfort zone. You will learn from past experiences (including sexual rejection) and adjust your approach and behaviour moving forward. 

For example, you might try to flirt with your lover while they are making dinner and find that they shut you down when you kiss them on the neck. From this you might learn that your flirtation needs to begin earlier in the day to cultivate connection, or that helping with dinner will lower their stress and make them more open to your advances. Or they might communicate to you that they do not like to be kissed on the neck when they’re cooking because they’re sweaty, but they like being caressed through their clothing. 

7.Keep an open mind

You don’t have to be into everything, but don’t assume that your norm is the norm. 

Just because a sex act or experience is unappealing to you doesn’t mean someone else (including your partner) cannot derive extreme pleasure from it. There are no universal rules when it comes to sex and relationships, so be open to considering options beyond what immediately appeals to you. 

If you reject an idea from the onset, you will miss out on all of the related intricacies and details that might be immensely pleasurable for both you and your partner(s). 

For example, perhaps your lover is interested in attending a sex club—not to participate, but just to watch. The idea makes you uncomfortable. You have no interest in going. You can reply with judgment: That’s gross. It’s perverted. All the people will be unattractive.

Or you can reply with an open mind: The thought of a sex club makes me really uncomfortable, but I’m open to learning more. What makes you want to go? What have you heard about them? What’s the appeal for you? What might the appeal be for me? Is there a place I can read to learn a bit more and have some questions answered? I’m not comfortable going at this time, but I’d like to keep talking about it.

Having an open mind doesn’t mean that you have to do more when it comes to sex, but being willing to learn, considering alternative perspectives, and talking about a range of experiences (including those beyond your comfort zone) will make you a better partner and seducer as you learn to weave elements of your lover’s desires into your seduction routine. 

Avoid Anti-Seductive Traps

While some folks cannot help but ooze seduction in every interaction, others struggle with habits and attitudes that are inherently anti-seductive. 

Avoid being self-absorbed. Social media hype means that taking and posting photos of ourselves, bragging about experiences, and comparing ourselves to others’ highlight reels is the norm. And while there are benefits to loving yourself, celebrating your achievements, and showing off a little, too much can be a turnoff. 

Offline, if you always talk about yourself at the expense of paying attention to others, it can be difficult for your lover(s) to recognize and respond to your seductive advances. We all believe that we are here to share our gifts with the world and have the world share their gifts with us, but if you believe or act as though you know it all, you are bound to overpromise and underdeliver. 

Don’t judge. You are entitled to your opinions and preferences, but if you refuse to open your mind to others, it will cost you in relationships of all types. If you waste your energy talking about and judging what other people do, whom they sleep with, what they wear, or how they live their lives, it is generally unsexy and anti-seductive. 

Just because something doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that it will not appeal to others. It’s natural to assess the appeal of a sexual scenario or partner (e.g., I do or do not find that attractive), but when you yuck someone else’s yum, your own appeal plummets. 

Likewise, if you play games or shut down ideas that make you uncomfortable, this can also squash desire and seduction. If something doesn’t immediately appeal to you, that is okay and you have a right to express your dislike or discomfort. 

You can also clearly delineate your boundaries to your lover(s). But it is equally important to validate your lovers’ interests even if they differ from your own. For example, perhaps they playfully propose going skinny dipping and express that running around naked in the dark helps to set the mood for eroticism, but you are just not into it. Do you respond with judgment to shut them down?  Stop it. You are so immature. I’m not going! Or do you respond graciously and honestly? I’m not into cold-water naked swims. But can I come cheer you on from the dock or meet you in the shower when you are done?

Part of being adept at seduction also involves learning to be seduced, so the way you respond to their flirtatious, playful, and seductive advances is as important as how you initiate. 

Putting it all together

Seduction is multifaceted, dynamic, and highly personal, so you can slip up with anti-seductive behaviour at times and, of course, make up for it later. Go easy on yourself and enjoy being authentic, thoughtful, playful, mysterious, open-minded—and imperfect. 

* We are not suggesting that you take medicine to address painful feelings, but simply noting the ways in which the effects of emotional pain can mirror those associated with physical pain.

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Authors: Jessica O’Reilly, PhD & MaRla Renee Stewart, Ma 


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