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The Top 5 Smart Tech Clothes for Women

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Smart clothes for women and even babies are growing in popularity. We look at some of the new ones in 2021.

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

From monitoring your feet if you have diabetes (this can be important) to baby health and tracking your fitness and health, smart clothes are embedded with sensors that connect to an app on your smartphone. They can give warnings or help you on your fitness journey. So check these out.

The Hexoskin

This washable, all day/night wearable undergarment is for those who are really serious about monitoring and understanding their bodies. The Hexoskin has garments for women and men. It can monitor your breathing rate, running and walking, heart rate changes, sleep patterns and even how you move in your sleep. They’re items run from USD$169 up to USD$579.

Nadi X Yoga Pants

Whether you’re new to yoga or been at it for ages, these Nadi X yoga pants are pretty cool. They use vibrations to help guide you and record data for health tracking. They have a 30 day free trial as well. You can personalize your yoga routine through the mobile app as well. They run about $249US a pair.

AIO Sleeve

Another smart garment you can wear for fitness activities or even to bed by Komodotech. It primarily measures heart rates and some other data. The app on your phone records the data and if you use an iPhone, you can give it access to the Health app by Apple. All nice and private for security too. The sleeve will run you CAD$127 and shipping is free to Canada.

Owlet Smart Sock (for babies)

Now in it’s second generation, this cool smart sock from Owlet measures the baby’s heart rate, sleeping and breathing. It syncs to your smartphone and has Bluetooth range up to 100 feet. It can also identify potential health iussues like sleep irregularities and heart defects among others. Cost is USD$299 a pair.


The outfit by Athos is truly designed for those who spend a lot of time in the gym. Not only do they make smart clothes for women and men, they also have training systems and work on injury prevention. You can find them here.

Most smart clothes for women are aimed at fitness buffs and do tend to be high in cost, but that’s due to the sensors, high quality of materials and the app that makes them come together.

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