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This night is the worst for getting a good night’s sleep

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According to new research, the worst day of the week for getting a good night’s sleep is Sunday.

Meditation app Calm (, found that three times as many people actually sleep terribly on Sundays compared to any other night. The numbers are based on a poll of 4,279 Americans and Britons.

46% of the study’s participants said they had the most trouble sleeping on Sundays, while 17% said they had the most trouble sleeping on Mondays.

“Sunday may be the day of rest but it seems the night of restlessness,” says co-founder of Calm, Michael Acton Smith.

The study found that the best night for sleep is on Thursdays, with only 5% of the group saying they don’t get a good night’s sleep on that day.

Clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist Dr. Steve Orma says one of the reasons people sleep so horribly on Sundays is because staying up late on the weekend throws off their regular sleeping routine.

Some of the causes may also include feelings of anxiety and stress for the upcoming work week.

A similar survey done by in 2015 found that 76% of US respondents said they suffer from the “Sunday night blues.”

If you are one of the many who have the case of the Mondays and only have Sunday night to blame, try a few of these tips to get a better night’s sleep on Sunday night:

» Ditch the cell phone late at night
» Drink caffeine free lavender or chamomile tea
» Take a hot bath with Epsom salts and lavender scents
» Sort out your work week, plan your goals and organize your days so they feel less stressful
» Try taking supplements like melatonin to help you sleep

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