Time for Tea

As I sit here enjoying my second glass of green tea – I thought I should share with you my new love.   Tea is not something I have always enjoyed.  In fact, it is something I started drinking because “it was good for me”, but now I can’t imagine a day without it.

In case you haven’t heard, tea is good for you… it if full of antioxidants so it may be preventative against cardiovascular disease, cancer and lots of other ailments, it can help calm your stomach (especially peppermint and ginger tea), may ease your stress and there are even claims that it can aid in weight loss.   There are many other health claims for tea – too many to list.

BUT – Tea also tastes GOOD!  It may be an “acquired taste” but try different types.   Black, white, green or herbal… There are so many flavors – I am currently enjoying a cup of “Zen” tea, which is a mixture of peppermint and green tea.  Good hot or cold.  Try blueberry, ginger, lemon and all sorts of different flavor combinations.  I love to add frozen fruit to a cup of iced tea.  Leave the sugar out and enjoy the natural sweetness of a fruit flavored tea.

Bottom line – we are all trying to reduce/eliminate the amount of sugary sodas and juices (right?) – but plain water can get a bit boring.  Tea is a fantastic alternative – and is available in lots of flavors without caffeine too!




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