Tips to Live Better in 2011

Welcome to 2011!  Here are the tips that I presented at the OptiMYz live show on January 16th 2011.  The show was a huge success I had a blast hosting the Cooking Corner.   I look forward to next year!

These are tips I have learned through my own life experiences and learning from my clients. I do not practice any of these tips perfectly –nor do I expect you to.  However, the more I practice – the better I get.  The main message is to try to PRACTICE these tips as much as possible.

Small changes add up and make a BIG difference.

Live BETTER Tip #1: Make time for yourself.

Eating well and being active take time to plan and to do.  The most common excuse used is “I do not have time”. I can’t express enough how important it is to make time. “Excuses only hurt one person – the person giving the excuse.”   Plan in advance when and where you will exercise.  Plan what, when and where you will eat. This way you are more likely to do it! It is also helpful to record this in a planner.

Most importantly, take time to relax and do what you love to do.  It is easy to lose yourself in your busy world.   Stress is the cause of most “Dis-ease”. Bring yourself back to the here and now daily, even if it is just 10mins of meditation, experiencing the moment or enjoying nature.   Take time to listen to your thoughts – practice making them more positive and then when you are ready practice relaxing in no thoughts at all – focus on your breath.

I challenge you to try a yoga class – learn to breathe again and move with your breath!!

Stay tuned for Tip #2 …

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