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Top 3 positions for peak sexual satisfaction

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Illustrations: iStock / 4kodiak

The female orgasm is a contentious subject. It’s been studied for hundreds of years and still no one quite understands it. For most women, orgasm can only be reached when the clitoris is directly aroused, but there are some other options that may help you reach the “Big-O.”

This position puts the person on top in power, letting them control the speed and pressure. It also allows for a closer connection between the clitoris and your partner or hand.
This can be tricky for the partner who is forming “the bridge,” so consider using a couch arm or pile of pillows for back support. In this position, the area associated with the G-spot is deeply stimulated, making a vaginal orgasm more likely.
There are variations on the scissors position, but the best part is that both partners’ genitals get a lot of direct stimulation.

And if these don’t work for you? No worries! Everyone’s body is different and there are as many ways to climax as there are people in the world. Many achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation or even from simple sexual fantasizing. Just keep playing, keep an open mind and have fun!

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