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Top 4 fitness trends in 2020

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In order to go forward, we need to look backward. We are now in a new decade – technically, it’s a fresh start, but online, I see everyone using the hashtag “#2020” as a reflective noun. You know the expression, “Hindsight is 2020”? People are becoming a lot more mindful and aware of themselves and what is essential. They’re taking a deeper look within and into their past, in order to figure themselves out, instead of just looking outward for external gratification or help. So it’s only fitting that for an industry which used to be based on looks, the fitness trends in 2020 are shifting to be all about your mindset –  figuring out your wants, needs, and habits. 

This is a list of not just new and upcoming trends for 2020, but also current fads that are going to skyrocket this year! Each one designed to make your day-to-day fitness easier and more accessible.

Top Fitness Trends for 2020

1) The virtual/online trainer

Once upon a time, it would’ve been unheard of to have a personal trainer you never met in person; I mean, where’s the “personal” part of that, right? But with all the new technology at our disposal (shareable Apple watch data, MyFitnessPal diaries, Facetime, 24/7 email), it seems almost more personal to have access 24/7 to an online trainer as opposed to seeing someone face-to-face for 1-2 hours a week. 

2) On demand fitness/live classes

This is a spin-off from the trend above. Instead of just having a virtual trainer,  we’re making the whole spin studio virtual. Peleton popularized the trend with their high-energy indoor cycling classes, but they’re now one of many companies bringing classes to you at home. I read one article that even called this phenomenon the “Netflix of Fitness classes” because with something like ClassPassLive, Tonal, Peleton, or Booyah, you can get access to anything from yoga, to bootcamp, to TRX core classes either live or on demand in the comfort of your own living room.

3) Mirror Fitness

This one is almost a hybrid of 1 and 2. I wish I knew how to describe it, but this was taken from – “Part mirror, part LCD, the Mirror is an interactive home fitness device that streams thousands of live and on-demand exercise classes on its display while showing your reflection so you can check your form.” So it’s like having the virtual trainer in your home, staring at you in the mirror, but you can also watch yourself to make sure you’re doing everything correctly. Creepy or Cool?

4) Wearable technology, smart clothing

I heard rumors some years back about mechanical and industrial engineers at Apple working with fitness trainers to bring this to life, but I never believed it would happen. I’m eating my words. Companies like Nadi X yoga pants give you feedback through built-in haptic vibrations that pulse at the hips, knees and ankles in order to make sure you’re moving flawlessly through your practice. Athos Core can monitor breathing, heart rate, and muscle activity. I’m blown away.

What we could only conceptualize decades ago is now coming to fruition, and it’s all about YOU. Personalized. Customized. In your home. On demand. Your clothes. It’s all about you, baby! Enjoy it!

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Author: Nichelle Laus is the owner of Optimum Training Centre in Toronto, Ontario. A fitness and cover model, Figure and Bikini competitor, competition preparation and transformation coach for Team Laus (, she is a certified personal trainer, and kickboxing and kettlebell instructor. She is also a motivational speaker and proud mom of four boys under the age of eight. She loves to teach and inspire others that you can do anything if you want it bad enough. She has a been a regular contributor to Optimyz for several years.


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