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Top 5 Apps for Women in 2021

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We review the top 5 apps for women for smartphones, both iOS and Android that can help you in your daily life.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

We’ve checked out these apps ourselves and their the best ones we’ve tried and most of our team uses a few of them as well. We do not collect an affiliate fee for these reviews.


Pinterest is a great website for collecting things, but sometimes you want a private collection of inspirations that you come across while browsing the internet. Pocket is perfect! Easy to use and you can collect images, videos and content, categorize them and get back to them easily. There’s a free and paid version. Available for iOS and Android.


There’s lot of period tracking apps out there, but this one is highly recommended by OB-GYN doctors. It can help you avoid surprises as it learns from your use over time. The app also tracks skin health, cramps and other aspects of your body during menstruation. It’s available on iOS and Android


Looking to learn more about investing and maybe even cryptocurrencies? Robinhood is perfect for the modern woman. It’s well designed and easy to use and far less complicated or intimidating like many other investing apps. You can get it here.

Bumble and BumbleBizz

This is a dating app designed to empower women and keep women in control. Well designed and thought out, it’s perfect. Now they’ve added BumbleBizz, which is for business networking for women. Find a date and find a business partner! You can get it here.


Sometimes, women are in situations where they don’t feel safe or feel it’s risky. Noonlight helps give you a little more safety so you can quickly call for help. You open the app and press down the button on the screen until you’ve reached safety. If you let go of the button you have to enter a code and if you don’t enter it, emergency services are called based on the phone’s GPS location. You can get it here for iOS and Android.

Our phones are never far from us today and they can do so much more than just texting and phone calls!

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