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Top 5 Pregnancy Apps for 2022

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Having a baby changes everything for mom and dad and especially mom! So we’ve rounded up five great apps that work on Android or iPhone for 2022. From health tracking to preparing for the big day.

Sprout Pregnancy
This is a free app with some in-app purchases for Android and iPhone. It’s highly rated and features some really cool things like how a baby moves, kicks and grows with great visualizations. You can also track things like kicks and belly images, contraction timer and weight management. It’s available here.


This app works to benefit the whole new family, from pregnancy to early childhood. Backed by science and featured in Forbes and the New York Times. It’s a comprehensive app that includes entering lots of various details for good health management. You can find it here.

The Bump – Pregnancy Tracker

What’s great about this app is the sheer wealth of information and a great checklist of what to do to get ready for the big day. They also feature a community for pregnant moms. Check it out here.

My Pregnancy

This is a very basic app, so you’re not inundated with ads and pop-ups. Enter basic data and track your pregnancy. It’s easy to use and ideal if you just want the basics. Get it here.


This app is excellent for pregnant moms who want to keep their fitness routines going. It’s filled with workouts designed specifically for each stage of pregnancy. It also features a daily coaching tips service and wellness information. Find it here.

Most apps are free with in-app purchases. Download a couple and take a test drive with them to see which one suits you best. 

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