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It used to be that we never left home without our keys. So we thought we’d pull together our top 5 wellness apps for Canadian women.

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One of the main things we’ve learned from the pandemic is that we need to take care of ourselves better. From keeping active through home work-ins (hey, we have some awesome home work-ins right here) to eating healthier and taking care of our mental stress. While it’s good to have some downtime from all our technology, there’s some good apps that can help you along. So we picked our favourite five. Just so you know, we don’t have affiliate links with them so if you download one, we don’t get paid. We’re doing this for you.

  1. Results Wellness Lifestyle: What we like about this app is that it was created by Lucy Mecklenburgh, a British actor and businesswoman. It not only features wellness guides, but has workouts and recipes and you can curate them. It’s awesome. You can find more here.
  2. My Possible Self: This is really a mental health focused app and while it is for women and men, it does differentiate and helps those who consider themselves in other gender categories, so win/win! It doesn’t aim to cure, but it does aim to help. You can get it here for iOS or Android.
  3. Omvana: Bit of an odd name, but this is an app for iPhone or Android and is a meditation app to help for focus and performance. So if you’ve got a big project ahead at work or you just want to get in the mindset for a game of field hockey or lacrosse, this may be the one for you. Find out more here.
  4. Deliciously Ella: Created by British celebrity cook Ella Woodward, this awesome app is packed with plant-based recipes. Ella was diagnosed with some heavy duty conditions and moved to a plant-based diet. Now she’s medication free and has a series of books and videos out. If you’re looking for some awesome plant-based meals, check out this app here.
  5. Sleep Cycle: Getting a good night’s sleep can impact everything from our physical to mental health. This app can help you keep track. It’s efficient and can track your variables. Check it out here.

There are so many apps out there that can help, but start with these ones. If you have a great wellness or health app you think we should know about, send an email to our editor Julie ( and let her know!

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Author: Giles Crouch is a digital anthropologist who researches at the intersection of humans and technology and how we use technology. He is also Group Publisher for HUM@Nmedia, the parent brand for Optimyz and Silver Magazines.


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