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TOP 5 Gym Etiquette Guidelines

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These days there are more and more people in the gym.  Of course, the biggest spike is in the New Year with many making fitness New Year resolutions.  It can become frustrating sometimes trying to workout with so many others.  Here are the TOP 5 Gym Etiquette Guidelines for you to remember:

Gym Etiquette Guidelines

#1 Don’t Stare – Many people coming to the gym are uncomfortable with even being there.  It can be really offsetting when someone is starring at you while you are trying to get your sweat on.  Even if someone is attractive, it can be intrusive for some to have people starring at them while working out.  So just try not to stare and focus on your own body and regime.

#2 Wipe the Equipment – Nobody likes to eat off a dirty table and on the same token people don’t like to come to use a piece of gym equipment that is covered in someone else’s sweat.  So make sure you wipe the equipment after each use.  Leave it like you would like it when you want to use it.  Don’t be that person that just jumps from equipment to equipment without giving it a simple wipe clean after use.

#3 Don’t Hog the Equipment – If you want to use a piece of equipment for a duration of time, then make sure you are aware of your surroundings.  If someone else is standing near you after your use of the equipment, then the polite thing to do is ask the person if they would like to “work in” on the equipment.  Be mindful of others, the best thing to do is get off the equipment each set and stretch a bit which also sends the signal that you are open to allowing others use the equipment while you are resting and getting ready for your next set.

#4 Don’t leave your towels everywhere – The worst thing to experience is coming into a dirty locker room with dirty wet towels on the floor, bench and everywhere.  Make sure you properly place your towel in the bin for cleaning after use.  We are not animals so let’s try to keep the gym and locker rooms clean.

#5 Limit phone use – It can be very annoying for others if you make or answer a phone call at the gym.  It’s just plain distracting for everyone else.  Of course listening to music or accessing a fitness app is a different story but try not to make any live calls on the gym floor and if you absolutely need to then move to an area that’s not disrupting for others.

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