photos_articles_34.jpgThis warm fall weather won’t be with us for too long, so I had to spend a couple of hours taking the kayak out in the sun. The gorgeous mix of colours–red, gold, yellow, brown, with lots of green still there–lay between  the deep blue of  the lake and the pale blue of the sky.

The wind came up but that was ok: paddling into the wind gets the adrenaline going and the musles firing.

An osprey soared overhead. A few ducks bolted out of the shallows. The loon family was not around. They left a few weeks ago, I believe. 

Back on shore out of the wind the sun had a real warmth warmth. Soaked it up. Did a few stretches, a bit of yoga. Note to self: Remember this for the cold months ahead.

So what is going on here? What is the essence of  these moments of satisfaction.

Part of it, to be sure, is the physical joy of movement, using the body, working against the wind one way and going with it the other. Feeling the wind and the sun and a bit of spray and the rocking of the boat in the waves.

But the deeper answer is that this is a few moments of freedom. This is how the osprey lives, and the ducks and the loons. We are animals too and we crave that feeling of freedom. The mind shuts off its endless cycle of thinking, thinking, thinking.

In moments like this we feel the freedom of just being in nature–to just be. What an essential part of being human. What a joy.

Next time: Another means of locomotion, another way of feeling free. 

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