The Emera Oval in Halifax

Usually people watch the forecast to be aware of bad stuff coming, especially in winter. In Canada it can be anything: snow, sleet, rain, ice pellets, even just wind and cold temperatures.

But you can also watch for good weather to pick your times to be outdoors.

Today at lunch time I went skating on the Halifax Oval. It was sunny and cool—perfect for skating.

I was craving sun, fresh air and exercise.

The Zamboni had just made fresh ice. I got in that aerobic groove.  Legs pumping, heart and lungs working, feeling the cool air and the warming sun.

Spacing out just so—getting into that lower brain.

Tomorrow it will be a mix of snow and rain. Great day to be inside,  at work and at the fitness club.

We had planned to be in the Caribbean this week. It didn’t work out.

Doubly important to catch a few rays.

In summer I watch the weather so I can swim, cycle and take out my kayak.

In winter, there’s skating, skiing, walking on the trails.

Your body needs to be outdoors. Watch the weather and go.

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