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Feeling lousy and need a boost? Keeping hydrated during activity can be a major component missing in your workout regime and derailing your success! Staying hydrated can help your mind remain clear and focussed. It is also important for ridding the body of toxins and helps keep your joints and ligaments healthy and strong. Here are some of the key reasons to ditch your sugary drinks and drink more water!

Transportation: Water is essential for transporting all of your nutrients and oxygen into your cells. Many of us work hard at “clean eating,” so why not optimize this by drinking enough water to get those healthy foods we eat to where they belong!

Metabolism: I think everyone is on the hunt for that “20-year-old metabolism.” Water has been proven to help bump up our metabolic capacity, so fire it up with a healthy dose of water intake, daily.

Detoxify: Water helps flush out unwanted toxins. This especially shows in our skin, nails, eyes and the striations in our muscles look healthier and leaner!

Protects and moisturizes our joints: This is so important especially if you participate in lifting weights or if you participate in cardiovascular exercise. Water assists with smooth transitions in movements, assisting with less wobbly tendencies and straining during movements.

Tips and tricks for water consumption!

  • Add lemon or fruit to your water as a treat, instead of opting for high-sugar beverages.
  • Add ice to your water, as this helps quench thirst and is super refreshing!
  • If it’s chilly outside, boil your water and drink it with some lime or lemon, to make a vitamin-infused fruit tea!
  • Try adding BCAAs. Not only are BCAAs a great pre or intra workout, but they also taste delicious!

Holly Legge is a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach. She is an athlete who is passionate about empowering and inspiring those around her and helping others become the best version of themselves.


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