What really constitutes a healthy diet?

When we see the amount of disease running rampant in society today, it’s hard not to reflect on the cause of what ails us. In the past we had an abundance of fresh and organically grown foods. Now lurking in the average box or can are nutrient depleted food-like substances loaded with chemicals.

Some foods contain more than 20 ingredients and most of them have so little food value they could be categorized as a nutritional nightmare. Even having a national conversation today about what constitutes real, nutritional food means we‘re already in big trouble.

A large part of the problem lies in food labeling, most of which simply tricks consumers. Many processed wares show healthy looking food on a front picture, which has little to do with the actual content. Nutrition labels are not enough to help us either as they don’t identify amount, content and type of ingredients. For that we have to read the ingredient list. However, even the most astute health food devotee is being tricked by “natural” ingredient claims which are merely pseudonyms for unhealthy chemicals.

My recommendation is to avoid foods with labels as much as possible. Too many are addictive, fattening, metabolism-jamming compounds that act as toxins in our body. We keep eating them because they’re disguised with flavors that trick our tongue, and our brain becomes addicted to the combinations of fat, sugar, and salt content. The end result is the disaster of obesity and chronic disease we are experiencing in North America today.

Transforming our thinking process must start with the way we shop. Plan to get the junk out of your diet to detoxify your body and heal your mind. Choose simple, fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, small amounts of whole grains and beans and lean animal protein including wild fish, grass fed meat, and farm fresh eggs.

The path to health (and the solution to our national health crisis) is simple — eat real food, get sufficient sleep, sunshine and fresh air and incorporate some exercise into your life.


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