What is your lunch personality?

We all know that breakfast is important – however sometimes we forget about lunch.  It is just as important to keep us energized.  A balanced lunch will also prevent eating too much later on in the day!

 There are a few different personalities of “lunchers”:

 Socials: Eat with friends and coworkers; tend to eat out a lot. Usually have a big lunch and feel an energy lull in the afternoon and seek a coffee at around 3PM.

Dieters: Control and plan lunch.  In some cases will eat very little (a frozen healthy option may only have 150- 250calories) and will end up starving in the afternoon or at dinner time and will “give in” because “they didn’t have very much for lunch”.

 Skippers: See lunch of no importance. Will get busy and skip it – but have a bigger dinner and eat throughout the evening because they are starving.

 To be honest I see a little bit of myself in all these personalities!  I am sure we all do.   Here are some lunch rules to follow for this week (yes – even on the weekend!).

  1. Balance your lunch – make sure to get a protein and whole grain serving along with lots of veggies.  A salad of just veggies will not keep you feeling full – so add nuts or seeds, salmon or tuna, goat or feta cheese and a whole grain like quoina or brown rice pasta.
  2. Never skip it. It will lead to over eating later in the day.  You wouldn’t drive by a gas station if your fuel light was on empty!
  3. You should want to MOVE after you eat it.  If you feel tired a groggy after lunch you ate too much! Watch your portions (especially of breads and pastas).  Big portions can weigh you down (and add to your waist line).

 Food Diary:

Today for lunch I had a whole grain pita, with tuna, greens and a salad.  I had a bowl of grapes (the seedless ones were on special!).   I have not had the need for an afternoon coffee lately – could be the heat or the balanced meals I have been eating!

 Enjoy your lunch! 

 Thank you to all that have sent comments!  If you have any topics you would like my opinion on – please let me know

 Eat well – Be well


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