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Woman with arms raised at sunset on the beach

Woman with arms raised at sunset on the beach

Regular readers know that I recently decided to pursue my lifelong dream of teaching after working in the communications industry for nearly eight years. It is this dream that inspired my “what’s your dream?” blog.

That blog was written for those of you who secretly have a dream about transforming your life in some way. Lately, I have been thinking about the things in life that we don’t necessarily know deep down right now. Things that we don’t realize – or perhaps don’t want to realize – that need to be changed or modified in some way. Although we tell ourselves we don’t know what that could possibly be, there are “signs” everywhere.

For example, over the past year, I have had a series of injuries directly related to the way I train at the gym (“go super hard or go home” is usually my MO). After the first injury (this is separate from my chronic knee condition by the way!) I brushed it off as a “freak” mistake. Even after a year of chiropractic visits, physiotherapy and restricted movement through my entire right side, I still blamed it all on that “damned bosu ball!”

I didn’t want to see the signs that indicated I was clearly pushing myself too hard. Finally, after my third injury in a year (a rare case of tricep tendonitis in my right arm), I started to wonder if the universe was trying to tell me something.

It got me thinking – how many other things in my life need modification/change/removal? And how many signs have I been missing along the way? My constant injuries have finally made me realize that it’s time to stop training like the bodybuilder I am not. It is time to do yoga more and incorporate new forms of training. But most of all, it’s time for a new attitude and healthier approach to how I use my body.

Have you been experiencing a series of repetitive and frequent incidents or issues lately? Here’s what it can look like:

  • you continually encounter a negative/self destructive personality in your relationships/friendships/workplace;
  • you are often in chronic pain from a repetitive activity;
  • you continually encounter the same problem or difficulty at work, in your career choices or in your personal life;
  • you are feeling discontented and bored with yourself and your life

If you have experienced any of the above, it might be time for what I call a “self service check-in.” It’s time to step back, collect yourself and think: “what is the universe/God/my heart trying to tell me here?”

  • Examine the issue from the perspective of: what messages/conclusions can I draw from this?
  • Am I still holding on to negative ways of doing and thinking that are not benefiting me in a positive way?
  • Do I continually obsess over mistakes and choices I made in the past?
  • Do I view myself in a negative and condescending way?
  • Am I hiding from something in my life or in myself that I don’t want to face?

Once you have completed this self-reflection try to see the connection to whatever your frequent re-occurring problem is. For example, a negative self view may be contributing to attracting negative people into your life. A constant problem at work may mean you need to re-evaluate how you view your work. Encountering negative situations may indicate that you need to face something that is troubling you deep down.

So, watch for the signs and then look inward  – you’ll be amazed at how much power you really do have when it comes to your own life.


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