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I knew it was time to change my health habits. Either way, my daughter would follow in my footsteps.

Each moment we have the choice to to create a new life. Perhaps starting a new health regime, ending a toxic relationship, embarking on a new career or quitting an unhealthy habit.

From my own experience, making the decision to change is just a small component of achieving the final result. Years and often decades of learned behaviours, trauma and patterns become ingrained in who we are and how we respond.

For lasting change to occur, we can begin with mindfulness or other self-reflection practices that open our hearts and minds to the patterns of cause and effect in our lives. The tough work begins when we move from awareness to a complete shift in whatever area we determine change needs to happen.

Often it takes a rock bottom moment of discomfort to make the shift. It is in that pain that we recognize our responsibility to act or not to act. These become our life’s defining moments.

For me, rock bottom occurred eight years ago. After a 25-year toxic relationship with my body and food, I had my “aha” moment. It was in that space between the stimulus of binging and my response to my daughter’s knock on the bathroom door.

As I caught the glimpse of myself in the mirror I knew that if I did not heal my relationship with food and body, my daughter could follow my example. That was a non-negotiable for me.

This moment of clarity led me to make a wise choice—but not an easy one. It was not a magic wand. Admitting who I was in that moment and being honest has set me on a path in my inner life to become the person and mother I wanted to be.

For the past eight years, I have been consciously stepping into a new way of being with food and my body. Creating new patterns has meant letting go of limiting beliefs and learning to let go of my addiction to the scale, counting calories and tracking each movement.

Personal self-reflection, empathy and self-understanding allowed
me to take the giant step—or leap—I needed to move in a new direction, with new behaviours. With the support of family, friends and resources in the community I created a pattern in my life around food that was empowering. Finding a supportive community was key for me in facing the daily grind of seemingly smaller to often daunting challenges.

So here we are in a new year and, more importantly, a new decade. Many of us have a list of tangible goals, but how do we shift from resolutions to creating the life of our dreams?

I believe it is in the “spaces” in our lives that we decide who we want to be in the world. It all starts with a commitment to creating new patterns and practicing these over and over, until we have stepped away from habits that no longer serve us.

I am a strong believer in the holistic intuitive approach. After years of working through my own struggles and those of my clients, I realize that unless your internal dialogue aligns with your personal goals, finding consistency will be a challenge.

May this be the decade of Growth and Freedom!

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Author: Aeryon Ashlie is the founder of Aeryon Wellness. She is a No. 1 bestselling author, radio personality and Certified Holistic Nutritional Health Coach. Her latest venture of support supplements are a result of personal experience with adrenal, weight management and sleep issues. She resides in British Columbia with her beautiful daughter Mekaella and their prized poodles.


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