As a trainer I routinely have great success with clients, having taken off thousands of pounds collectively over the years. You might think most of this stems from merely working them hard, but in fact, it’s proper training methods that lead to long-term success. If workouts are not scaled to client fitness levels, if they don’t keep interest, or if they lead to plateaus, then failure is imminent through lethargy or injury.

Under my tutelage, most clients hit their workout with a good amount of consistent intensity, making great muscle gains and losing body fat for quite a while. But then something strange happens; they hit a plateau. It’s no mystery to me that many feel their initial success is “good enough”, and so they start to let up. This might be three months, a year or even two later, but eventually their private or work life becomes a primary focus again, rather than their own health.

I mention this point because in fitness, each level we achieve should build on the level below it. And the foundation of all our fitness or sports related success is based on sound nutrition. When we cut that crucial link, there is an inevitable failure to thrive and the client regresses. It’s a simple formula: If you don’t eat right and you don’t train properly, gains will disappear.

Food acts like a drug and many treat it like an enemy. But what we really have to watch for is too many sugars and carbohydrates, which bring our body into a state called “hyperinsulinemia,” (chronically elevated levels of insulin), wreaking havoc with fitness and wellness levels.  As such, I advocate proteins and vegetables in abundance, with nuts and seeds, some fruit and fewer starches and no sugar.

This is really your supermarket perimeter diet, and contains as few food labels as possible. These foods are “clean” (healthy) for the body and should be eaten in smaller quantities and more frequently per day to keep blood sugar and energy levels stable. It’s a natural, caloric restricted eating plan that works because it supplies the body with all the needed nutritious elements it cries out for as you train. Think of it like stocking a fire. Given the right amount of fuel, it will stay under control and supply your needs by burning hot.

So getting back to lack of motivation, eating like this keeps you well and optimizes your performance in the gym. It also propels you faster towards your weight and fat loss goals, keeping that spark to succeed at optimum levels. In the end, why attain mediocre short-term results when long term excellence is within your grasp?

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