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More and more we’re seeing people take up a plant-based diet. Turns out, not only is it good for your body and brain, but also the planet. We looked at some famous women who are vegans….

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Natalie Portman: who claims being vegan has done wonders for her skin and gives her that great healthy glow!

Serena Williams: She started going vegan and totally dropped sugar when she became pregnant. Although as she told the Wimbledon press, she didn’t lose much weight until after she stopped breast feeding.

Meghan Markle: Yes, wife of Prince Harry and a Duchess herself. She’s part-time vegan she says, being more flexible on weekends.

Beyonce: She’s been vegan for years and claims it gives her way more energy and stamina when it’s time to go on tour.

Jessica Chastain; She said she never planned to become vegan, bit some health and cholesterol problems lead her to do a two week vegan diet. She never looked back!

Ariana Grande: She loves animals so much, she just had to be vegan and she says, it gives her way more energy on the touring circuit!

Carrie Underwood: The country singer says she loves being vegan and doesn’t order take-out because she wants to know where her food comes from.

Ellen Degeneres: She’s been vegan since 2012 after learning about how bad animals are treated in processing plants. Though she does admit to eating some eggs now and then, if she knows the chickens and they’re happy.

Michelle Pfieffer: She says being vegan has really helped her skin stay healthy and gives her so much more energy in her daily life. And well, she still is beautiful!

Ellen Page: And she’s Canadian from Nova Scotia! She’s been vegan since 2014 and like many others, says she now has much more energy than ever before.

There’s actually way more celebrity women vegans but hey, we only have so much space to write! What we noted in our research were some common statements they all made; being vegan gives them more energy, it’s easier to manage their ideal weight and their skin improves drastically!

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Author: Alex Hurst is a writer for Optimyz and Silver magazines.


  • Alex Hurst is a writer for HUM@Nmedia covering Optimyz and Silver magazines in print and digital editions and is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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