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The newest fitness technology for 2020

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Every January there’s a huge technology show called CES or Consumer Electronics Show, held in las Vegas. Companies from around the world showcase their coolest gadgets and gear and this year, there was no shortage of fitness technologies on show!

We rounded up some of the best fitness technology for 2020 that you might want to take a look at. From sneakers to rowing machines and more. In every case, these gadgets have sensors in them and connect to an app on an iPhone or Android device.

The Livall BH51 Neo Helmet
This is a pretty cool cycling helmet for mountain biking or just road riding. It’s packed with sensors that detect acceleration and deceleration. It also includes a mic and speaker so you can take calls via Bluetooth on your phone and has LED turn signal lights! One cool thing is it has fall detection so if you zonk out it can send an SOS call with your location via GPS. We think this is a clever gadget. It retails for USD$169 and is avaliable online. Check them out here.

Nurvv Run Insoles
The cool thing about this gadget is that you can keep your favourite brand of runners! Their mission, they say, is to help you run better and avoid injuries. The Nurrv has 32 sensors that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a decent app.

Ergatta Digital Rower
Connected rowers are a thing these days and Ergatta says their cool difference is they’ve built in gamification so you can compete against other rowers. Get pulling! It’s not cheap at USD$1,700 but it’s built solid and like everything else, connects to your smartphone.

Deep Sleep Headband by Phillips
If you don’t mind sleeping with a giant headband on your noggin, this is a pretty cool device. Healthy sleep habits are a key part of overall fitness as we know. So that that’s why we thought we’d cover it. The headband triggers quite audio tones to help promote the quality of slow-wave sleep. Naturally, it has an app that connects to your smartphone so you can monitor your sleep. Phillips says people are reporting positive results with about 2 weeks of use. It’s kinda pricey at US$325 though. Check it out here.

Will any of these gadgets make it onto your list this year? The rower seems kinda cool to have in your home. There’s lots of other new fitness tech coming on the market and we’ll keep you updated!

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Author: Giles Crouch is the group publisher for HUM@Nmedia, the parent brand for Optimyz Magazine. He is also a design anthropologist and works at the intersection of humans and technology.


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