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Tips tp keep you motivated and productive when working from home.

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It’s been over a year of working from home. And because I don’t leave my house much, my work days have become so much more tiresome and it takes longer to get work done. When we first went remote, I had a good structure and I felt accomplished at the end of my days. As the year went on, I gradually lost my motivation and passion. My days blurred together and time felt meaningless. I was no longer passionate about the work I was doing. I felt guilty for procrastinating yet couldn’t motivate myself to do the work. So I thought it was time to get back on track and find that elusive motivation again.

Work from home tips


A structured work day, with clear start and end times, will help you manage your time, avoid working late nights, and get you up and going in the mornings. Try to stick to your schedule as much as you can—but don’t punish yourself for straying once in a while.


Having a designated space to work will help keep out distractions and prevent unhealthy behaviours like working in bed. Associating your bed with work can interfere with sleep and sleepless nights will affect your work the next morning. The dining table or a desk in the living room are better alternatives.


There’s a reason we wear different clothes for different occasions. Clothes have a strong psychological effect on our motivation and ability to work. Reports show that wearing that stylish outfit forgotten in your closet can boost your confidence, make you feel more powerful, increase abstract thinking, and help you become more productive.


Persuading yourself to start a task you’ve been putting off, whether it’s because it’s too boring, too complicated, or you just really don’t want to do it, can be tough. Using the “10-minute rule” can help you tackle that bothersome task. Promise yourself 10 solid minutes of work and when the time is up you can take a break. You’ll likely find yourself continuing after that 10-minute mark; the hardest part is often getting started.


Set small goals, like finishing a report or getting your work done before 6pm, and give yourself an incentive, like a cup of coffee or TV time. Having rewards at the end of the day, or throughout, can help you stay motivated and on task.


Regular exercise has been scientifically proven to increase energy, lower blood pressure, help control weight, and strengthen your immune system. It also has the power to decrease stress, increase confidence, improve sleep, decrease depression and anxiety, and improve blood flow to the brain. Now that commuting is no longer part of your schedule, use that extra time to get your exercise on.


Don’t guilt yourself for missing a deadline or having trouble getting up in the mornings. Take care of your body and mind. Ignoring your needs will not make you into a better co-worker, parent, or student. Take the time to become the best you you can be.

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