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Staying healthy is everyone’s top priority as we move into the “new normal.” Coming back together feels great – but also means a greater vulnerability to getting sick. Throughout the pandemic, precautions like masking and social distancing limited our exposure to common viruses, and now our immune systems – especially children’s – aren’t as strong as they need to be.

With cold and flu season just beginning, now is the time to focus on supporting resilient immunity and being prepared to fight back against infection. This means following a complete cold and flu strategy that protects the whole family!


Not only are our immune systems less resilient to common viruses due to a lapse in exposure, but there’s also the added challenge of stress as we dive back into daily routines. Quality sleep, a nourishing diet, and stress management techniques are critical for supporting health, as is preventative plant medicine to boost your body’s ability to naturally fight off illness.

Adaptogens are plant medicines that specifically help to fortify health by working to keep the body balanced, where all systems are functioning at their strongest – including the immune system.

This is what makes St. Francis Herb Farm’s #1 selling Deep Immune® formulas unique. These daily protective tonics formulated with immune-specific adaptogens strengthen and optimize the immune system, helping to shield you from viral infections, colds, and flu.

Deep Immune® blends 8 targeted plant medicines, including:

• Reishi mushroom – the “mushroom of immortality” helps modulate immune system responses

• Astragalus – strengthens both innate and adaptive immunity for robust natural defenses

• Siberian ginseng – boosts stamina, improves performance under stressful conditions

Kids especially can benefit from extra protection against risk of infection as they return to the classroom and group activities. Deep Immune® Kids provides daily immune support in a mild-tasting tonic formulated with astragalus and codonopsis – powerful ingredients that are safe for children.


When infection does strike it’s crucial to be prepared and react quickly at the first sign of symptoms. Echinacea is one of the most established herbs for providing immune support and treating cold and flu infections at the source. But did you know that not all echinacea is created equal?

It’s common for echinacea products to contain just one strain, but St. Francis Herb Farm Echinacea 2+ formulas contain 2 species: Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea. Research has shown that the alkylamides from Echinacea purpurea are most bioavailable when in the presence of those from Echinacea angustifolia and that they reinforce the therapeutic action of one another. A highly potent blend of the roots of both species as well as the tops from Echinacea purpurea makes certified organic, Canadian-grown Echinacea 2+ the most powerful and bioavailable echinacea formulas available.

EchinaSeal® is the #1 choice at the first sign of general cold and flu symptoms. It takes echinacea to the next level by combining it with anti-infective goldenseal, myrrh, as well as propolis that has the added benefit of easing the pain of sore throats. This powerful formulation doubles down on infection at first onset of cold and flu symptoms – effectively working to nip sickness in the bud! This product is for adults only.

EchinAce®, which contains only Echinacea 2+, is the best option for teens under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and anyone with sensitivities. While Echinacea Kids, the children’s version of this formula, includes glycerine and anise for a taste that kids love.

Having Deep Immune® Daily Tonics and Echinacea 2+ formulas on hand means you’ll be prepared and have peace of mind that your family is protected throughout cold and flu season – and all year round.

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