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How to overcome obstacles in the bedroom

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Spicing up your sex life can be a diffi- cult task. With all the stresses of work, family and relationships, intimacy can be forgotten, or ignored. If things have cooled off lately between the sheets, start by thinking of things you can do to heat things back up again. Like oth- er relationships, intimate relationships require communication, negotiation and attention. Here are three common mistakes women make in the bedroom and what you can do to get the satisfaction you deserve.

3 tips to have your best sex ever

Believing your partner is always ready for sex

Many women believe that their part- ner is always ready for and always want sex. When they were younger this was probably true, but after ten years or more, other parts of life become more important and much of a person’s energy is exerted elsewhere. The pressures of everyday life, like work, stress and family all become factors in limiting sexual energy. Don’t take it personally; you can’t expect someone to perform on cue whenever you’re ready. Take the time to communicate and see what you both need from each other.

Not initiating sex

One of the biggest mistakes women make in the bedroom, according to psychology professor at Seattle Pacific University and author of Crazy Good Sex, Les Parrot, is failing to initiate sex. Some women worry about “ladylike” behaviour and fear to be too pushy or aggressive, but the truth is your partner likely yearns to be seduced by you. It makes them feel desired and wanted. Ultimately, sex is a two-way street— both partners should initiate sex.

Constantly worrying about how you look

You do not need to look absolutely flawless from all angles during sex. If you can’t stop thinking about how you look then you will likely subconsciously stop yourself from having a good time and ruin the chances of achieving orgasm. So stop thinking about your belly fat, cellulite or how your hair looks and concentrate on your partner and the pleasure of the act. Cultural anthropologist and author of Why Him, Why Her, Helen Fisher, PHD, said that men in particular don’t even notice half the things women obsess about anyway.

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