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Wake up to the sounds of nature, walk through the lush gardens and join the daily sunrise yoga class at the beautiful Mandala Agung yoga shala. Let the soft music ease you into the yoga poses and be guided through mediation, giving your morning the perfect start! Welcome to a true holistic wellness retreat in Bali.

Located along the sacred Ayung River and only 20-minutes south of Bali’s spiritual capital of Ubud, lies the eco-conscious wellness retreat. Fivelements Retreat Bali is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace authentic Balinese healing, plant-based cuisine and sacred arts. Inspired by Balinese culture, which encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, the environment with one another. At the center of this culture is the Balinese Hindu philosophy “Tri-Hita-Karana” or three causes of wellbeing and prosperity, harmony with God, Nature and Humans.

Fivelements Retreat Bali opened in 2010 as the company’s flagship wellness destination bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts. The multi-award-winning retreat features an integrative offering combining traditional Balinese healing, epicurean plant-based cuisine and transformative yoga & sacred arts programs.

The 20-suite retreat is a true holistic wellness sanctuary, located in a small spiritual Balinese village that is also home to the famed John Hardy Jewelers. Fivelements Retreat is tucked away under the canopy of the jungle and the buildings, the suites, spa treatment-suites, restaurant and the yoga space – are surrounded by ponds and carefully tended tropical gardens. The retreat features six “healing” treatment rooms, a boutique state-of-the-art Matrix Gym, three stunning yoga shala’s, complete with a 15-meter river view swimming pool with a heated Watsu healing pool.

As part of the philosophy and vision, 0.5% of revenues are donated to four human & environment charities, including the Bali Children’s Project, two orphanages and a tourism experience project in the Kintamani region, also known as the fruit & vegetable bowel of Bali. The CSR projects are a key part of helping support sustainable projects helping locals towards a better future.

The retreat’s beautiful 3800 sqm Hillside Organic garden is located in-between the Hillside’s pool-suites and features over 40 varieties of fruits, herbs, vegetables and even superfoods. The garden was established in September 2022 and incorporates the traditional irrigation system of “subak”, where the water flows from the river through the many beds and ends up back in the river.

Educational garden tours and village walks are arranged during the week or join in a culinary class to learn all about the art of plant-based foods. Feel the joy of walking around the garden picking up the foods that you will cook with. Inspired by a traditional Balinese garden the freshly grown produce is used in the farm-to-table and farm-to-beauty concepts at Fivelements Retreat Bali ensuring a low carbon foot-print, which is an integral part of the company’s founding vision, to push the boundaries of sustainability.


At the heart of the wellness retreat is the food and how it will help the body recover or improve from simply having a good balanced diet or as the saying goes “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The cuisine features epicurean plant-based cuisine in celebration of our “aliveness” with a simple goal: To let mother nature’s cuisine shine with all the exciting tastes, textures, vibrant colors and pure flavors.

Fivelements Retreat believes in the power of plant-based, sun-produced, raw vegan, living foods to cleanse and heal the body, mind and spirit. Living foods are vitamin and enzyme-rich, thus, containing high levels of nutrition. A detoxification process involving living foods – especially through short-term juice fasting allows the body to more easily eradicate toxins and other unwanted substances from the body, thereby cleansing and promoting effective organ functionality and improving the body’s natural ability to sustain positive health. Bringing more and more of these fresh fruits, whole foods and vegetables and limiting meats, high sugar foods such as white rice in your daily consumption on an ongoing basis will increase the health of the body, mind and spirit allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold.


Fivelements Retreats’ integrative wellness retreats, stays and exclusive day programs combine:
– Balinese healing rituals for purification, balancing and regeneration
– Plant-based, living foods cuisine for health, beauty and longevity
– Sacred arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication

From the moment you have booked your personal wellness retreat a “Wellness Liaison” will personally look after your journey. Retreats can be arranged from 3 to 14-days and include both half & full-board plant-based dining and a full range of healing & beauty treatments; Colonic cleansing, culinary-classes with a nutritional advisor, personal fitness training, meditation, physiotherapy, physiatrist, psychologist and yoga.

If a bespoke retreat is not on your menu, then Fivelements Retreat offers a range of alternative stays, from a more traditional bed, breakfast & yoga to romantic stays, there are plenty of options to chose in between.


The amazing islands of Indonesia are filled with many wonderful tourism destinations that are truly worth exploring. Board a plane and head north from Bali to the island of Sumatra, home to the world’s largest volcanic lake of Lake Toba. Measuring 1145sq km or bigger than Singapore and surrounded by rolling green hills lies await a truly beautiful part of Indonesia and in many ways a new action and wellness destination. National Geographic describes the area as an “a magical almost otherworldly quality and seems far-removed from the usual hubbub of Indonesia. Its laidback vibe contributes to it being extremely easy to get around whether by car or bike”.

Fivelements Wellness is delighted to be part of this destination and recently opened a wellness center at the 5-star Marianna Resort on the island of Samosir in the village of Tuk Tuk. Continue your wellness journey and slow down in this remote part of Indonesia, yet only a three-hour drive to the busy city of Medan and a short flight to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.


The island of Bali is home to an array of classic island tourism attractions with major and independent hotel groups having a great range of resorts to chose from. Combine the stay to the island and explore the coastal regions and hills to really get the best out of your trip. Most large international airlines service Bali, either from their “home-bases” in the Middle East or South-East Asia.
– Fivelements Retreat Bali is located 20-minutes south of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.
– Denpasar International Airport (DPS) is a 75 minuets drive from the retreat.
– To book your reservation or ask any questions? and
– Email: or
– Phone: +62 361 469 206 or WhatsApp Front Office: +62 811 3332 0036
– Getting in to Ubud. Three daily complimentary shuttle services to the town.
– Memberships: The Wellness Tourism Association and Global Hotel Alliance

The team of Fivelements Retreat Bali look forward to welcoming you to Bali, where wellness, serenity, and memorable experiences complete your wellbeing harmony.

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