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DIY mood mist

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Essential oils are widely known for their variety of scents, health benefits, and uses. Not only are they great for making homemade beauty products, using in the bath, and even for cleaning, but essential oils are also useful to help influence your mood.

Scent is a powerful tool. The smell of citrus can take you to a hot summer day, while the smell of peppermint can take you to the month of December. Just like scent can bring you feelings of nostalgia—scent can also bring you feelings of happiness.

This DIY “mood mist” will make you feel how you want to feel, whether it’s calm, relaxed, or energetic.

To use your mood-boosting mist, spray it on a blanket, your chair at the office (if your coworkers are okay with it), your car seats, or use it as an air freshener. For example, maybe you want to feel more energetic in your home gym, so you spray the air with your mist, or you want to feel more relaxed in your reading nook, so you spray your reading chair. Bring positive vibes to your favourite spaces with this simple recipe:


Mini spray bottle
4oz distilled water Essential oil of your choice


Shake vigorously. Use the essential oils separately or get creative and combine them.


Essential oils to enhance mood

Lavender: Calming, balancing, promotes well-being

Chamomile: Calming, soothes emotions and feelings of frustration

Peppermint: Calming, but also increases alertness

Frankincense: Relaxing and peaceful

Bergamot: Uplifting, but also calming, eases stress and anxiety

Lemon: Invigorating, promotes energy

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