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Training my full body is always my go-to at the age of 47. It allows me to train all my pillars of human movement while having fun! Let’s be honest, if you are not enjoying yourself you will likely have a hard time sticking to the training. Not everyday will be fun but it will definitely help with keeping yourself motivated and disciplined. The kettlebell allows me to train functionally and always engages the core – and we all love a strong, sexy core!

Today I picked some of my favourite basic movements for you. Our kettlebell full mobility swing engages our beloved glutes during the hip hinge along with the mid rack position that constantly works your bicep in a static hold. Adding in a halo for shoulder mobility and reverse lunges for extra leg workout with our martial arts flair of a push kick which works single leg strength and stability!

First, if you are new to the movements, review each individual exercise here then go into the video and train 20 seconds and rest 10. Each time, add on another part of the complex. Train the right leg first, then build again training the left. Remember, form over time always. Meaning, if you get tired, rest, reset and restart. I always want you to have good form! Have fun and enjoy the sweat!

Full Mobility Swing

  1. Set the kettlebell on the floor about approximately a foot and half in front of you.
  2. Fold at the waist (pushing hips back) knee bend and as you grip the handle, pull your shoulders back. Kettlebell should be on an angle making a nice line from kettlebell to wrist, elbow all the way to your shoulder.
  3. While gripping the handle, drive the kettlebell towards the hips, above your knees. Swing the kettlebell up to shoulder level with your arms straight as you engage your glutes (squeezing at the top), standing tall. Your arms and the kettlebell should feel weightless through the entire motion.
  4. Let the kettlebell descend as you push your hips back keeping the kettlebell as close to “your power source” (your glutes) as possible
  5. Repeat steps 1–4. Create a nonstop fluid motion. When you go to stop take the kettlebell into that back swing and with control set the kettlebell right back to your start position.


Tips: Stand tall, Squeeze Butt at the top, Let your arms be an extension of the kettlebell, and Breathe out at the top!

Mid Rack Position:

Before using a kettlebell let your arms just hang by your side, bend your elbows keeping them close to your body, this will be your mid rack position.

  1. Taking the kettlebell from the backswing position you will slide your hands from the handle to the horns of the kettlebell. Stand tall squeeze your glutes. Important to practice sliding the hands instead of letting go of the kettlebell. When taking the kettlebell out of the backswing to the mid rack position try to keep the kettlebell as close to the body as possible. (the power source -where you are stronger is closer to the body)
  2. On the descent let your hands slide back down from the horns to the handle into that backswing motion.

Tip: Often when we slide our hands from the handle to the horns we go to the top of the horns, I need you to slide them down the horns as close as you can to the belly of the kettlebell (belly is the round part)


Hold the kettlebell at the mid-racked

  1. Guide the kettlebell over the shoulder, around the back behind the head, around the other shoulder back to mid rack position in the front. Making a full rotation. Tip: if possible keep the rotation as close to your head and deep into the back as possible. If you are not able to, keep working on it! It will get better:) 

Reverse Lunge:

  1. Standing in your swing stance practice stepping back bending both knees at a 90 degree angle if possible. Transfer weight forward as you push off your back foot going back into your swing stance. Training both right and left legs.



Tip: If needed for balance go from swing stance to feet together before stepping back and from lunge to feet together before returning to swing stance. An extra step but helps with maintaining balance if needed.

Push Kick

Start with feet together.

  1. Pick up your leg in a high knee and push it forward. Think about if you were trapped in a closet and had to get out by kicking down the door.
  2. Flex the foot straight out in front of you.
  3. Return the leg and foot to start position.

Tip : Practice from swing stance, standing feet apart lifting one leg up at a time, transferring weight before doing the push kick. This will get you ready to add into the complex!

So crank your favorite tune and get your sweat on!

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