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Shoulder pain breakthrough: the hang-out routine

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If you believe we evolved from primates, then you know our distant evolutionary ancestors spent a lot of time climbing and hanging from trees. In the modern age, our upper body is hunched over and inwardly rotated from operating computers, sitting, driving and just our everyday lives. We’ve lost the natural lengthening of our arms, back and shoulders attained from hanging.

John M. Kirsch’s, MD is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. His book Shoulder Pain: The Solution and Prevention, has identified a remarkable strategy to stretch the coracoaromial ligament just by hanging from your arms over a period of time. This technique has had huge success for fixing and curing rotator cuff, neck and back pain. 

The technique is very basic. Every day you hang from a bar for 3 to 4 sets of about 12-15 seconds.

Warning: this exercise is much harder and more painful than it sounds. It takes time to build up the hand strength and muscle endurance to perform this exercise, but gradually your body adapts and with it comes the benefit. You will even notice a posture change within the first few days. You can build up to the exercise by using wrist wraps, hooks or straps to give your hands more strength for the hold.

You can also hang at less than 100% to start by keeping some support with your feet on the ground or a ladder or stool.

This is an amazing body alignment exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine.  Shoulder pain? No more monkeying around. Start hanging out with yourself on a bar.

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Author: Max Brennan is the CEO and publisher of Optimyz, former fitness trainer and body builder.


  • Max Brennan, a former personal trainer and bodybuilder, is a dedicated wellness enthusiast embarking on a quest to uncover and disseminate the keys to a healthy life. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of Hum@n Media, the proud publisher of SILVER Magazine.

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