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5 Tips to take the perfect gym selfie

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Selfies are now part of our lives. Your followers are involved every step of the way, and you have to grace their lives accordingly with very good photos. If you are a fitness enthusiast and wish to have, your followers sweat it out, encourage them by posting selfies while in the gym.  

More people are embracing selfies for various reasons. This guide will help if you frequently visit the gym and wish to take incredible selfies. 

Avoid Shadows

Taking a selfie with a huge shadow cast over your face compromises a photo’s quality and visual appeal. Avoid shadows when taking a selfie as they can look like eye bags. The best time to take selfies is at sunset or in the morning as the sun rises. These are the most beautiful hours of the day when the light is low.

You will need to face the light source for the best shots, whether outdoors or indoors. This ensures that the subject- you, is in the most visible and brightest position. 

Lighting and more Lighting

You need as much light as you can. Natural light is the best accessory you can wear when taking a selfie. If you are in a dark space, opt for the windows with natural light instead of facing the TV or computer screen. A selfie with good lighting can significantly reduce the visibility of undereye circles and shadows. 

Another hack is to hold a piece of white paper under your chin. This paper creates a natural light bounce, illuminating your face and significantly reducing the double-chin effect. If your gym is not well lit, find a window nearby and always carry the paper if you wish to create your memories in the gym.  

When to Flash

Natural light with no shadows is perfect for good selfies, but you may need to take some photos after sunset. Some apps have a flash feature that lets you take the best photos in the dark. 

Once you turn on the flash, your device will burst bright light on the face. While the flashlight will make it possible to have selfies in a poorly lit place, the photos may not look perfect. You may need to consider editing the photo. According to Facetune, once you have the selfie clearly showing your face, you can edit it to bring out the best possible image. 

Practice Smiling, the Smile Genuinely

A genuine smile goes a long way when capturing a selfie. While your body may be under immense pressure from the workout, try smiling with your eyes if you cannot afford to do it with your mouth. You may need some practice before a mirror till you perfect it. 

Take Several Shots

Tilt your head in different directions as you capture many selfies. Take as many shots as your phone space allows so that you can have a wide variety to choose from when you need them. Remember to change the angles slightly between the shots.

You can also film your session and then choose to pause while playing the video. Freeze a frame of your favourite shots to create the best gym selfies you would wish to have.


Getting a perfect selfie is a lot of work. It may be the 500,305th shot! A perfect gym selfie requires a combination of angle, light, setting, and filters. Thankfully, you can capture a great shot within the first few attempts. 

Remember to pay attention to the selfie background. A bad background can ruin the best gym selfie available. This guide will help you get the best gym selfie possible. 



  • Lauren Webber is a former HR manager and lover of psychology who now runs Dainty Mom among her other pursuits. Her interests range from the corporate world to health and self-care to home improvement and parenting.

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