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Keep your body guessing with the ‘spell your name’ workout routine.

Whether you’re working out at home or in the gym, it’s hard to keep your workouts exciting and spontaneous. As humans, we need a certain element of uncertainty and surprise in order to be entertained… even in the gym! 

One of the best ways I’ve found to ‘surprise’ myself is by throwing random fun games or challenges into my routine. 

There’s a really fun one called the Deck of Cards, where each suite is a different exercise, and then you perform the number of reps based on the number on the card.

One challenge that I came up with is called the “Spell your name workout,” and here’s how it works:

Each letter of the alphabet has an exercise associated with it. Spell your first and last name and perform the exercise workout that is associated with each letter, in order.

For example, Dave would do jumping jacks, followed by burpees, then jumping jacks again, and finish with jump squats. 

Feeling extra motivated?  Spell out your last name and do those corresponding exercises too!

A 10 Burpees

B 1 minute Elbow Plank

C 20 Push-ups

D 40 Jumping Jacks

E 15 Jump Squats

F 3-minute Squat Hold

G 15 Crunches

H 30 Calf Raises

I 20 Jump Squats

J 20 Mountain Climbers

K 15 Tricep Dips

L 1-minute Elbow plank

M 20 Forward Lunges

N 30-second Elbow plank

O 20 Push-ups

P 25 Arm Circles

Q 15 Side Lunges

R 10 Burpees

S 20 Mountain Climbers

T 20 Jump Squats

U 1 minute High Knees

V 40 Jumping Jacks

W 15 Tricep Dips

X 15 Crunches

Y 3-minute Squat Hold

Z 30 Calf Raises

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