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As you read this – please start to be aware of your breathing. Are you breathing fast? Shallow breaths?

As you bring awareness to your breathing, begin to focus and feel your body. Let’s really dive deep. Let’s do a body scan.

Close your eyes and tap into your breathing and how you feel. Start with your toes and move up all the way to the top of your head.

Try to release and relax your body as you move up from your toes.

Imagine if you are being “beamed up” like in Star Trek. Your body is made of millions of particles. Feel your body and its deepest parts.

Is everything okay?

You know better than anyone how you are feeling and your health.

Take an honest assessment. Are there any problem areas that need to be addressed?

Anything sore?

Does anything feel stiff or stuck?



What areas are feeling good?

Take the time to write down how you are feeling, both good and bad. Is it time to address any problem areas?

Using this simple body scan practice can be like a guiding light to your health, happiness, and awareness.

As we age and get older, we can become stuck in a rut. We get used to doing the same things all in the same way. We can ignore the things that are wrong within us. We stop listening to our internal doctor out of fear or from having become numb to it all.

Facing our fears. Perhaps there is something wrong with how we feel. A pain we’ve had or something that seems abnormal, but we do nothing. Instead of asking our doctor, talking with loved ones, or researching it ourselves, we sometimes sweep it under the rug.

This happens until the rug gets so high that it’s a mountain, and now we have to climb a mountain instead of sweeping dust every day to prevent what could occur.

Take time to recognize your body and how you really are. Your life could depend on it.


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