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Sex is good for your brain

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Studies show that among its many other benefits, sex helps you improve your memory and think more clearly.

It is widely known that sex can improve heart health, lower stress levels and improve happiness, but in case you needed another reason to have great sex with your partner, here’s one. A study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests it could im- prove your memory. According to the study, penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) is linked to enhanced memory function in women.

The researchers at McGill University asked a small cohort of 78 straight women ages 18 to 29 how often they have had PVI—and then had them complete tasks that required them to mem- orize words and faces.

The study found that the more sex women had, the higher they scored on the word-related task. They were also better at recalling abstract words— but frequency of sex didn’t affect their score for remembering faces.

The research team found a link between sex and the growth of nervous tissue in the hippocampus—the part of the brain that controls the nervous system, emotions and memory. However, it is not clear exactly how much sex women need to have in order to acquire the memory benefits or whether other variables may also be involved.

These results add to previous animal studies that evaluate the relationship between sex and the brain. A 2013 study of rodents published in the journal Hippocampus found sex stimulates neuron growth and the development of nerve tissue in the hippocampus.

Similarly, a study by a team of researchers at the University of Maryland found regular sexual activity not only created new neurons in the brain, but also improved cognitive function, helping people think more clearly.

Furthermore, researchers believe sex also improves levels of important neurotransmitters and hormones through the exercise it provides. Sex also releases dopamine—a reward-motivated hormone, which helps develop new cells in the brain. So go ahead, embrace your partner and engage in sex as frequently as you like. It will make you feel good—and just might make you smarter.

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Author: Charmaine Millaire was an editor for Optimyz Magazine and is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. She’s a graduate of King’s School of Journalism.


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