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The Energetic Realm of Subtle Body

We all know that our thoughts impact how we feel, but managing the connection between our thoughts and emotions can be a daily battle for many of us. By working through grounding and mindfulness techniques (both with their roots established in the science of Yoga), we can begin to manage our minds. This is where the work of the manomaya kosha comes in. 

Part of our subtle body (the third layer after our physical and then energetic bodies), the manomaya kosha represents our emotional and mental body. Thousands of years ago, the Yogis knew that our mental health was reliant on both our physical health and vitality. They also understood the relationship between thoughts and emotions and the need to both process them and let them go. 

And so, we take time for our own self-practice, meditation or journaling. We seek therapy or other healing arts. We roll out our mats and practice Yoga. In our frantic world of trying to get a million things done each day, it is paramount that we carve out time to just “be”; to find quiet space in our day and simply observe. 

Like the domino effect, a couple of weeks without exercising or eating properly will inevitably lead to issues sleeping. A few days of that and our emotions feel like they are all over the place. Taking care of our physical health is taking care of our mental health and well-being. Turning off external distractions and moving inward; is where the magic happens. 

This is why daily meditation practice is so important. It’s time to turn the dial down on our thoughts and be in our neutral minds. We can find meditation practices in many forms: a walk in nature, listening to a piece of music or a more traditional seated meditation with a focus on the breath. 

Like anything else in life, meditation gets easier the more we practice. It just takes consistency, commitment and discipline. Plus, the better we get at it, the more we will crave this mental break.

Managing and processing our thoughts and emotions is a vital part of our overall well-being. You deserve nothing less than this. Even a 10-minute daily meditation practice can create powerful shifts. What are you waiting for?

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